Help me pass the HiSET!

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Help me pass the HiSET!

Written by Sue Wright

Would the Women In Charge program work for me?

Many high school and college graduates could not pass the HiSET if they had to take it right now, so a test prep course like Women In Charge is highly advisable.


Can I make time to prepare for the test?  

Women In Charge operates Monday thru Thursday from 9:00 – 2:30. Women can and do make it work by working evening or night shift jobs, but it is difficult!  


What about my children who aren’t in school?   Women In Charge offers free on site child care for women in the program.  Your children will learn while you do.


How can I get there if I don’t have a car?  

Women In Charge is located in University City on 82nd between Olive and Page, so both the 91 and 94 bus lines are convenient.  Free bus tickets are given to participants as well.   


How long will it take?

How long it takes depends on how ready you are when you start.  Some people require a couple months of brush up, some people take a year of intense studying.  Your good attendance, and even the ability to do homework can speed up the process.   Classes like math and grammar are completely individualized so you cover what you need.  


What makes a successful student?

You must be ready to work hard.  It is adult education so you are expected to show up on time and work hard.  It isn’t high school, it is your free choice to attend.  


This sounds like it could be really boring!

Every school day includes a non-academic subject designed to help you succeed in the world after you pass the HiSET.  Subjects include Professional Speech, Yoga, Cooking/Nutrition, Group Counseling, Financial Knowledge


Are you wasting my time with other classes?

Yoga teaches you ways to calm yourself with your breathing, and helps you become more flexible.  The calmness of yoga can help you heal your spirit.

Professional Speech covers a wide range of topics including: job interview skills, professional introductions, conflict resolution, anger management and more.

Once a month a volunteer comes in for one hour to teach Cooking and Nutrition.  Participants learn how to prepare a healthy, inexpensive meal, as well as facts about nutrition.  The entire class and staff then enjoys the meal together.  Group Counseling provides an opportunity to discuss issues, with peers available to help and advise.  Once a semester a woman from the banking world runs three classes on Financial Knowledge.   She teaches about credit reports, loans, savings plans, credit cards and more.  Participants give great reviews on all of these classes!