The Nutrition/Cooking program is run by volunteer, Marilyn Heller, who teaches the women about the importance of eating healthy and how to do it on a low budget. Each month the women make a nutritious and delicious meal for everyone to share for lunch.



“We are all brought up in homes with distinct culinary tendencies. Some families cook, some don’t. Some eat healthy, some don’t. Some try new foods, some don’t. I have decided it’s about exposure and planting the seed.”


The women are excited to learn the components of cooking for their families. They run the gamut from not knowing anything about cooking, to knowing their way around the kitchen and being comfortable there. They measure, cut, chop, dice, etc…all the while taking in the fun and joy of working together as a team to produce a delightful dish they can go home and cook on their own.

There is no better way to show love and learn about your family then by doing it together around the table with a healthy delicious meal.