What happened to the GED?

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We tend to use the phrase GED to mean high school equivalency, but really that’s a brand name like Kleenex or Coke.  As a Missouri resident HiSET is the only high school equivalency option for you.

Why the change?  When GED announced a price hike, the state started to look at other options.  HiSET costs less for test takers and offers a well-designed sign up portal and a few other nice features.  In theory HiSET is supposed to be gradually changing to closer match the Common Core Standards used in high schoolsIn 2014 Missouri dropped the GED and chose the HiSET for high school equivalency testing.

What’s the HiSET like?  HiSET resembles an older version of the GED where there are five separate tests: Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts – Reading and Language Arts – Writing.    All parts are taken on a computer, including the essay, so some typing skills are needed.  You sign up for each section separately.

May I sign up?  If you are over 16 years old and out of high school, you may take the HiSET.  If you are 16 there are additional requirements, check out the ETS website. You must be a resident of Missouri.  On the day of the test you will have to present a valid, current Missouri license (Drivers, Nondriver etc) or a US Passport or Military ID. Be careful!  The name you use to create your test account must exactly match the name on your identification.

How do I sign up?  Either log on to www.hiset.ets.org and create an account, or call 1-855-694-4738.  Allow plenty of time, there are quite a few questions to answer.  In either case payment must be made by a prepaid cash card, a debit card, or a credit card.  Do not lose your User Name and Password!

Do I need to be affiliated with a prep course?   No, there is no test preparation or qualifying exam.

How much does it cost?  If you signed up for the whole test today it would cost $95.  This includes a $10 annual fee and $17 for each of the five subtests.

Where may I take the test?   In the St. Louis area there are three test centers: Harris-Stowe State University, St Louis Community College at Florissant Valley and St. Louis Community College at Forest Park.

Tell me some good news!   Once you pass a section of the test that score remains valid as long HiSET is the Missouri test.  GED test scores expired after two years.  All high school equivalency tests are considered comparable, so neither employers nor universities should care whether you have a HiSET or GED certificate.

By Susan Wright